Top Three Reasons Diets Fail (And What To Do About it)

Did you know that 40% of dieters quit within the first 5 days, and over 80% quit within 20 days?

Less than 1% of dieters lose “some” weight, and 6-12 months after the diet – literally everyone has re-gained all the weight back.

Yes, endless “magic” diets and exercise programs have close to a 100% failure rate.

There are many reasons for this, but here are the three that I deem the biggest offenders:

1. Idiotic diets – there is no way around this. Every day there is a doctor or a “fitness expert” who created a new bullshit diet. It’s inevitably a “rapid weight loss” diet that’ll help you lose 37 pounds by next Monday.

It’s either shakes only, a cleanse, 500kcal a day or some other stupidity but regardless – the outcome is the same: it will dehydrate you so you lose “scale weight”, and you’ll likely lose muscle mass too.

Once the stupidity is over, you are guaranteed to gain it back faster than you can say “idiot”.

2. Unrealistic expectations – with shows like Biggest loser and alike, the (overweight) masses are indoctrinated with the “lose 20 lbs a week” as the “norm”.

Anyone with more than 2 brain cells knows this is bullshit, yet people want “magic” and don’t want to do the actual work.

Newsflash: for most people, losing ONE pound of actual body fat per week is an excellent goal!

This is way more difficult in real world than in theory and thus – RARELY achieved (unless you’re coached by us, then it is the norm).

Note: 3500 calorie deficit to lose a pound of body fat is great in theory. It rarely (if ever) works out that way.

3. Short term thinking. Almost all dieters look at the “diet” as something temporary that they will do for x days/weeks, and they will then go back to eating as they did before.

They think very short-term. And that’s ok, we humans are wired for instant gratification and our needs/desires fulfilled NOW.

But as an entrepreneur, you already know that all success in all fields of life comes in the long-term. That’s actually one of the main differences between us entrepreneurs and the rest of the world – long-term vision and actions we take now that will pay off years/decades ahead.

Every entrepreneur already knows this:

You don’t build a great business overnight.

You don’t build a fulfilling relationship overnight.

And you most certainly don’t build a ripped, sexy body in 7 fucking days!

One of my favorite mentors, Wyatt Woodsmall said: “the biggest problem in business world today is that people sacrifice long-term success for short term profits.”

My take: “the biggest problem in the weight loss field is that entrepreneurs sacrifice long-term health, high-performance and confidence – for short-term sugar fix.”

Six months from today – you can be fatter than you are today, or look the same as you do today.

Or you can be ripped AF, look sexy, have endless all-day energy, feel like a KING (or QUEEN), and freakin LOVE what you see in the mirror.

The choice is yours.

Six months will pass anyway, and FAST.

What will you do today to build a body you can be proud of, for the rest of your life?

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