What Our Clients Say About Us

Amy: Already fit, active and healthy, still got leaner in under 4 weeks.

Rashin: Looks and feels amazing. In better shape now at 47 than she was in her 20s.

JR: Has tons of energy, ripped 6-pack abs, in best shape of his life.

Tony: Enjoys his carbs while getting stronger and leaner. Finds it sustainable long-term.

Fanny: Ate more food, lost inches from her arms and legs, got leaner in under 4 weeks.

Thrine: lost inches and got leaner overall. Feels better physically and mentally.

Karla: Lost fat from her arms, thigs and butt. Finally fits into her skinny dresses!

Allen: Lost 45+ pounds, and kept it off.
Still in the best shape of his life.

Sara: Used to yo-yo diet but not anymore. This is a Forever plan!


I have been on Amir’s program for five months and have noticed great positive changes both physically and mentally. It motivated me to be more active and disciplined. I now look forward to my weekly workouts and no longer dread exercising. Amir himself is very knowledgeable and goal-oriented. He is also honest and caring. I highly recommend him and have full confidence and trust in him and his programs.

Parisa Ghatri

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I was skeptical about this program since I've tried all the others like Keto, IF, all that, and nothing's really worked. But with Amir's plan it's so simple to see where I was eating a lot more calories than I thought, so no wonder I wasn't losing weight. Now I know how much to eat - and with visibility on how much I am eating - the laws of physics will take care of the rest. It's inevitable that my body will shed the fat as long as I stick to the plan. And I'm never hungry!

Brian Cassingena, world class copywriter


What sets Amir apart is his deep understanding of the human body and his experience. I used to work out daily until I was diagnosed with a chronic vestibular condition… in short, it meant being dizzy all the time. Amir created a nutrition and training plan custom tailored for me, and in two short months I was able to workout again…And I also lost several inches from my arms, waist and thighs. My next goal is to get abs just for bragging rights 🙂

Laura Kunkle


On The Alpha Accelerator program I not only lost a significant amount of fat and weight and dropped multiple sizes, but I am the strongest and fittest I have ever been. The program is clear, easy to follow and sustainable! Truly, my entire life has changed as a result of working with Amir. I credit him and his program with helping me not only be in the best shape of my life, but also helping me grow into a strong, confident and successful woman.

Jennifer McNally

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I lost 24lbs and went from 16% to 7% body fat in less than 4 months on The Alpha program. At the same time I got stronger, so my confidence and self-esteem exploded. I now look and feel better than ever and have a ripped six pack which I never thought was possible. Amir says there ain't no magic, but don't believe him. He does magic, period.

 Kenan Causevic

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I always wanted to have a coach, but was picky on who to choose. Once I heard about Amir and talked to him, I knew we would be a good fit. Exercise has now become a daily routine and I now feel better emotionally, mentally and physically. And I particularly LOVE that I can fit into my size zero dresses now! I recommend Amir to my friends and family and will stay with him until I reach my personal and professional goals.

Houra Taheri

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With The Alpha program, I not only lost 10 pounds, but my stamina increased and I feel strong due to being able to complete exercises I never dreamed I could do before. The principles and concepts Amir shared in the program have remained a constant in my life. Amir's energy, encouragement, endless knowledge and undeniable skill will always keep him on top. I am so happy I joined The Alpha Accelerator and I can't recommend it enough.

Andrea Hines

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I struggled with weight my whole life. Tried every diet, pill and training program out there. Nothing stuck. Amir's Alpha program is different. It's customized for me, and that made all the difference. I don't even know that I am on a diet, and the weight is coming off. I couldn't recommend it more.

Sanjay Srikantiah, investment advisor

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Alpha Accelerator program is well planned out, diet is simple and every workout easy to follow. Amir deeply understands how to balance a busy schedule with a healthy lifestyle. Attaining my weight loss goals has never been easier or more fun. Most importantly, Amir’s commitment to my success was astonishing. He is not happy or satisfied unless you are seeing results. I not only look better but feel amazing too! Many thanks to Amir and his fabulous program!

Kelly Gutierrez

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I was always in decent shape but was looking for that next level - ripped, beach body. The Alpha Accelerator program made it crystal clear on exactly what to eat, when, how much and how to exercise smarter. I've honestly never looked or felt better. I couldn't be happier with my decision to invest in it and I recommend it wholeheartedly.

Marco Gutierrez

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I've been on The Alpha program for a few months now, and it's been amazing. I really didn't like to exercise when I started but the workouts are fun and challenging. Especially when I started seeing results, that's when my motivation skyrocketed. It's been a very fun and rewarding ride so far. Now I look forward to my workouts (never thought that was possible) and can fit into my favorite skinny dress. Count me happy!

Tala Mahdavi

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In the first 90 days on the Alpha Accelerator program, I dropped 16 pounds of fat+ built a crazy amount of muscle. It sounds funny to say it, but  at age 44 - I now truly look better and am in better shape than I've ever been in my life. I also look forward to my workouts, which was never the case before.
Thank you for everything, Amir!

Shaun Williams

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