Don’t Eat Eggs Cuz…Cholesterol?

You often hear someone isn’t eating eggs because they have high cholesterol.

Maybe even their genius doctor (who is overweight himself) told them that fat makes you fat and it raises your cholesterol.

(This is Dr.Oz level stupidity)

Its 2019! Hello!

Your liver makes more cholesterol in a day than you can eat and thus up/down regulates it as needed.

Eat low fat diet- your liver produces more.

Eat a high fat diet- it produces less.

So for the most part, your dietary cholesterol intake has minimal impact on your total cholesterol.

Yes there is a genetic component and some people (very small % of the population!) are more prone to having high cholesterol, even if they are in shape and relatively healthy.

But lets be real, those are rare cases. From personal experience, in the last 10 years and over 350 clients, I’ve had one client like this.


Not to mention that dietary fats build hormones like testosterone, estrogen and progesterone which give you the ripped, sexy body you want).

Oh and, fats taste amazing too.

Of course, since calorie are king and fats are the most caloric of all macros (1gr of fat = 9 calories), make sure to control your total calories.

Walnuts are the healthiest of nuts, but eat a pound of them a day and you ll get fat like there’s no tmrw.

So have your eggs and dont worry, especially if you’re monitoring your calories and being at least somewhat active.

P.S. – the reason millions of people have high cholesterol is because they overeat in both processed carbs and fats. Their livers then cannot process all of it and remove the fats from the bloodstream. Its a simple case of overuse.

Just like diabetes.

Yes, the body is amazingly adaptive but it has limits. Respect them.

P.P.S. – just prepared my lunch: beef and 4 egg omelet. Yummy!

(Keto zealots be like: “yeah buddy”) 🤫

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