Do You Have A Slow Metabolism? Read This!

If I had a dime for every time someone told me they have slow metabolism and that’s why they are fat…

So obese people have extremely slow metabolism, right?


Let’s see. Every cell in your body, regardless of it being muscle, fat or any other type of cell – requires energy.

And thus, the physically larger one is – the more energy their body needs and uses, just to stay alive.

So a person weighing 300 lbs has “faster” metabolism than a person weighing 200lbs, and that one “faster” than a person weighing 130lbs…

I put faster in quotes because there is more to that, but yes – between two people, the person weighing more will have faster metabolism.


This is why when we calculate maintenance calories and everything else for a person, we use their TOTAL weight.

Indeed, their LBM (lean body mass: everything except fat) has the biggest impact there, but fat cells also require and burn energy (about 2 calories per pound per day).

Sorry to break it to you:
– it’s not that you have a slow metabolism
– it’s not that your hormones are out of whack
– it’s not that you have bad genes

It’s your poor food/exercise choices that make you fat FIRST, and that then messes up your hormones and everything else

Correlation does NOT mean causation.

P.S. – This post was inspired by an ad I was hit by in FB: “Slow Metabolism Kit” selling Garcinia Cambodia and some other shit along with it.

Beware of the bullshit and remember there are NO secrets or magic.

Luckily, Father Fitness to your rescue!

Build more muscle mass by lifting weights properly and get lean by intelligently reducing calories over time.

That IS the only secret.

As unsexy as it is.

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